222f0fda9cb711e290d522000a1fb852_7Currently taking Broadcasting and Film at Centennial College, I am undertaking an early career switch. Having grown in a world where computers are everything and having a great interest with them, I took it to myself to become a Computer Engineer one day… However, fate turned and I was given the choice to undertake my interest in computers or my love of photography. They’re both worlds apart. A career in the theoretical and intellectual side, or a career in the creative open world? Despite personal concerns and a whole lot of disappointments, I decided to switch and take Broadcasting and Film.

From a freelance computer technician, I am now a freelance filmmaker that is often picked up as an Editor and infrequently as a Cameraman. Both of these positions still poke my interest in computers and technology, but ultimately seep my creative and artistic side. It was a fair trade off, and I think it was for the better.

While I build my portfolio, I am open to be contacted for freelance work possibly even an internship in the industry. I aim towards becoming a better Transmedia Storyteller that can engage audiences across the world.

Even though I am still in school, I work on different projects for both paid and personal projects.

An on-going personal project of mine is the FAILTECH ARG, which has a small community of participants solving mysteries and exploring the story. I work with a small team in this project providing additional content to expand the scale of the project.

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