Yep, and I just had to blog about him. It was a kind of frustrating day, hectic, and fun. Yeah, last night I came across this guy who put up for rent a set of GoPro cameras which are of quite particular interest to me. I was actually planning on buying and instead rented from him when I came across his ad.

He’s a good guy. He exerted effort into allowing me rent the camera on a very… VERY short notice. He had to driva back and forth from Buffalo and Toronto just to get through this rental. Hands down, this guy is GREAT. Ok, so we were about to finish the transaction when misfortune struck me…. I lost a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL…. It was that Oh-sh moment where you find yourself stuck into a situation you simply can’t back out any more and a situation where it get’s so stressful and awkward. In all honesty, I was so ashamed of what happened. This guy went into all the effort and everything, and yet this misfortune simply… CATASTROPHIC. And yet, I admire that he let me push through it via other means… Yes, I still lost a hundred dollars, and yes I still was able to pay him up.

Definitely, he’s a guy I’d be really happy to recommend. His business is rentals for Bike Boxes… you know, hard case luggages for use when you transport a bike on an airplane or something like that. I think he only recently got into rental for the GoPro… And I am VERY happy that will be able to try it before planning to push for it. Now, it seemed so costly for me due to the loss of 100 bucks… But, if this turns out great, I’d say it may as well just be well worth the loss. And I’d definitely go back to rent from him… As soon as I get over being ashamed of what happened. I mean really, if you got into the same situation as mine you’d be really ashamed of what happened.

Oh, and his site is over at go over and say hi or something for me…. I’m just too ashamed of myself of what happened.

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