And so a couple of my friends decided to ask me out again on another endeavour… Hopefully one we could stick up to and actually do. The same group of people and me had plans of other things, one of which was even grander than we’re going to do soon, and they ended up being scrapped and left behind… Shelved indefinitely, as they’d say.

So what will this short be about? Not quite sure, actually…. I still have to meet up with them and have a feel for things and set thing up. Since the production team will be smaller, we expect this to actually progress since there’s not much problems in scheduling things.

While I also keep myself busy with another project, one I can’t disclose, I think I’d have the opportunity to expand my portfolio by adding a new project to it. In speaking of a portfolio, I haven’t setup the portfolio section of this site, yet. I don’t really have all that much, but I’d have to set it up anyway, right?

Everything just needs a little push… I know I’d that…

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