Aha! I’ve nabbed the domain for the book I am writing! Woohoo! Link: http://www.seventhbookseries.com

Yes, the final title will be Seventh: Present Time. Of which is the first book of the series called “The Seventh Cycle”

I won’t disclose as much, aside from the fact that I am the author and the book’s title and its affiliation with the FAILTECH ARG.

P.S. Yes, I go by the username ZEIGHY as well. However, the zeighy in the Unfiction forums is NOT ME. He is however, a friend of mine who uses MY account to participate. No, he is not a part of the FAILTECH ARG Team. And NO, we do not disclose him anything regarding the ARG. Anything he posts using my account on the thread is his own work. You’ll just have to take our word for that.

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