Well, school has been taking up a whole ot of my time recently… Shoot here, shoot there… Do this assignment, and a whole lot of school related things… However, there’s this one side project that I did for Toni Francis who directed a music video and asked me to help her out… I then became the editor, and we just recently picture locked the project. Let me tell you, editing music video is tricky and a whole world on its own that regular filmic editing technique doesn’t easily apply.

“Ivan, this isn’t your regular film…. You can be pretty creative in editing it.” as Toni would tell me… I’d agree! Just that as the editor that I am, I’m just used to making sure each shot makes sense continuity-wise. After a couple iterations and getting back and forth with her with the edit preview (man, the slow upload speeds are killing me!) we have got up to the day we need to picture lock and spent a few hours polishing my edit. After all, the idea she wanted to convey wouldn’t be easily understood via email… So she came over to finalize the edit and tweaked it accordingly… After which it is now picture locked and sent out for color correction and final sound mixing… Whew! It’s off my hands now!

Here’s the final preview (not the picture locked version, but it’s the closest you can preview to the final one)

Wooooo! I’m glad to be a part of this 😀 it’s a very wonderful song, too! It is not picture locked to spec by the director and artist.

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