While the details are still blurry to me, all I remember was Toni dumping footages to about a music video they shot and they needed an editor. While I often stave off editing and tell myself (it’s not going to take too much of my time) I end up screaming deep inside “DO IT! NOW!”

And here’s the final result of this magical edit that I did. Oh Toni, sometimes things just happen and I don’t even remember the details….

All I did was edit, after it was picture locked, it was set out for color correction and I never saw it again… Until today, when Vanessa Lu released it.

Additional credits:

Producer/Director: Toni Francis
Director of Photography: Arjun Mano
Gaffer: Spencer Ryerson
Grip: Irma Duplessis
Production Designer: Giovanna Gatto
Set Dresser: Skye Morandin
Production Manager: Simone Burton
Make Up: Yasheda Johnson
Hair: Pinky Hair Collection
Colourist: Jack Yan Chen
Guitar: Ngozi Garraway
Music Engineer:
Franz “GK” Liverpool
Special Thanks: Loft 404 and The Remix Project

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