So I’ve gone in and tweaked my personal description, which also went through the new description I put on my YouTube channel…. Still pondering how to establish my Vimeo, but I’ll get there when I get there. I am now re-branding myself from being a filmmaker into a “Transmedia Storyteller” to reflect my true intention and direction I personally want to head into. Some may wonder, what exactly IS Transmedia Storytelling?

Most of you probably already have the hint of an idea what it is, probably all of you have already participated or engaged in one. Wait, did I just say “engage” and “participate”? Yes, I did. WHat does this mean?

Transmedia is all about being on different platforms, most especially in our current digital age. Stories can now spread across continents and reach several people simultaneously. But, what makes Transmedia Storytelling unique and different from the classic storytelling? It’s all about the engagement with the player, the reader, the participant, the person whom had previously only accepted the story as it unfolded. Transmedia is about reeling in the audience as a part of the story.

A few may known me for being the grand puppet master for the “FAILTECH ARG” and I have worked with a small team to advance the interactive story. It definitely wasn’t the best thing, neither did it became popular… But, it was the beginning. I’ll be perfectly honest, that primary plot has gone all over the place and unlocked several plot lines that should never exist, at least not yet. But, it uncovered a whole universe worth of story waiting to be told. There is, in fact, going to be a renewal of the FAILTECH ARG which will be focused on a new plot, set way ahead of the primary plot but still managing to work with what has been left unsolved. I won’t go into further details, but that’s a little hint of what I have worked on in terms of Transmedia Storytelling.

It’s a wonderfully, elegant way of storytelling. Elements of the classic methods are there, but the rise of the digital age brings storytelling to a whole new level that immerses the audience deeper into the story.

And this is why I am going to move forward into Transmedia Storytelling, which sounds bizarre to some, but it is a whole new world of storytelling that is waiting to unfold.

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