Hello there! Looks like you’re interested at looking at my work. I haven’t created my demo reel, yet, but I will have one soon. For now, I have placed the videos where I have taken part of. I have my position listed, and what parts I have done. Pardon me for the very unprofessional presentation.


Mural Routes mini-doc; Producer, Director

Logic of Subduction; Editor

Ingress and the Players; Producer, Director

Vanessa Lu Music Video – Hallelujah Cover (2014), Editor

UrbanEx Featurette (2013), Cameraman

Borderline (2013), film scene; Director, Writer, Editor

Our Mothers (2013), MOS Poetic Film; Director, Cameraman, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer
*shot on a Bolex H16 and Kodak Tri X Reversal film

Anxious (2011), a short film; Director, Cameraman, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor

Zap Gum (2008), a commercial; Cameraman, Editor, VFX

The Best Damn Talk Show – DJ James Redi Interview (2011), Youtube Show; Cameraman (interview section & cutaways)

The Best Damn Talk Show goes Camping (2011), Youtube Show; Cameraman

The Best Damn Talk Show – World of Dance Toronto 2011 (2011), Youtube Show; Cameraman (select items)

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